Greenco Parking is an innovative company that is leading the way in sustainable
car park management.

Our fresh approach combines the highest level of car park management services with extensive building and environmentally sustainable development experience.

With dynamic changes facing the car parking industry, Greenco Parking enables clients to work with both a management and core advisory team to develop positive Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) and Asset Management initiatives together.


Environmental sustainable development program upgrades and Initiatives either at development stage or retro fit

With Federal and State Governments now making it compulsory for property owners to declare its Green Star Rating and NABERS reports, this has become an important component in respect to the building’s value.

To date, property owners with car parks have thought that the car park cannot help to enhance the building’s rating.

Greenco Parking is the first car parking company to develop positive Environmental Sustainability Development (ESD) platforms for the parking industry and to assist owners in their building value and rating.

In consultation with industry leaders in each specialised area we are continually refining initiatives.

Greenco Parking will provide calculations on savings, payback periods, cost analysis and other benefits to your facility.

Sustainability Initiatives include staged to fully developed implantation, retro fitting existing car parks and study review programs which consider a wide range of ESD initiatives.

These initiatives include:

  • Carbon offset programs
  • Alternate Power sources for the car park which can be sold back into the grid
  • Lighting and mechanical services mixed mode systems
  • Bicycle rack initiatives
  • Hybrid vehicle bays
  • Green car wash
  • Green roofing – providing further carbon offset
  • Energy enhancement components
  • Water harvesting and reticulation systems
  • New Green Council initiatives and developments

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