Greenco Parking is an innovative company that is leading the way in sustainable
car park management.

Our fresh approach combines the highest level of car park management services with extensive building and environmentally sustainable development experience.

With dynamic changes facing the car parking industry, Greenco Parking enables clients to work with both a management and core advisory team to develop positive Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) and Asset Management initiatives together.


Car park management and operations

<p><p>Greenco Parking is much more than a car park operator and management company. It enables the client to work with both a management team, and also a core advisory team to develop positive Environmental Sustainability Development (ESD) and Asset Management initiatives together. Not only does Greenco provide specialist advice for operations and management in the car parking sector, but also has an experienced advisory board and resource base never provided before in the car park management business.Our management team have industry experience of over 25 years, each with hands on experience with a wide range of car parks across Australia and in Asia.</p><p>This experience has ensured an excellent knowledge of car parks and the businesses they serve, as well as strong working relationships with major car park owners including private, institutional and government.</p><p>This is evident by the immediate acceptance of Greenco in the market place, where it now has a portfolio of car parks combined with being retained as consultants for a number of projects. These are listed below:</p><p>Our consultancy has provided property owners with a blueprint for developing an efficient, modern first class parking facility with the latest technology in car parking control equipment.</p><p>Greenco Parking - Key Business Areas and Initiatives </p><p>Greenco Parking offers highly experienced professional advice across the car parking sector together with asset management and ESD platform advice to assist owners and clients to enhance and optimise their car parking operations and improve building asset performance. </p><p>So it is much more than other car park ventures and companies that have serviced the sector in the same way for many years. It is new, innovative and focused on client’s business needs and their asset development options. </p><p>The key areas of car park management and advisory provided by Greenco to its clients and patrons include the entire traditional core car parking operational functions with additional support from developed ESD and Asset Management programs tailored to the asset position and class. These include:</p><p>1.    Car park management and operations</p><p>2.    Advisory services for new development</p><p>3.    Advisory services for asset refurbishment and enhancement programs</p><p>4.    Environmental sustainable development program upgrades and initiatives </p><p>Car Park management and operations includes a range of traditional and best practice operations:</p><p>Car park management </p><p>Client reporting</p><p>Budgeting and forecasting</p><p>Development of car park users and client revenue growth </p><p>Maintenance and security management </p><p>Equipment investment strategy implementation</p><p>Staff and HR management </p><p>Fire and essential services management </p><p>Audit and financial management.</p><p>Advisory Services include</p><p>Reporting and review programs</p><p>Car park optimum use planning </p><p>Environmental Sustainable Development programs </p><p>Asset Management strategies </p><p>Consulting services</p><p>Sustainability Initiatives include staged to fully developed implantation and study review programs which consider a wide range of ESD initiatives, including</p><p>Carbon Offset Programs</p><p>Solar Power (to provide the car park and to sell on) Greenco Parking - Independence.</p><p>Greenco Parking can offer all our clients complete independence when providing information in respect to car park improvements and the use of third party contractors</p><p>This is particularly important when looking at Car Park Control systems and the latest advancements in technology. Greenco stays abreast of the latest technology available in the industry by working closely with all the Equipment Suppliers. Some car parking companies have alliances with equipment suppliers and some operators are actually the licence holders for equipment marketed to the industry</p><p>We see this as a disadvantage to the car park owner as they are only offered one brand and will not be shown the wide range of technology available. This is also the case in respect to the price offered and the ongoing cost of maintenance of the equipment</p><p>Why Greenco Parking?</p><p>These items and many others intertwine to ensure that your car park/s operate effectively and efficiently not only as a service to the public but also at the highest income stream back to the owner. Greenco provides experience that straddles Hospital, University, Events, Retail and Commercial parking operations. We are a company that prides itself on building relationships and ensure that your car park is not just another number lost in a myriad of many</p><p>To discuss these topics with Greenco Parking click <a href=""></a></p> </p>

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